How to become a contributor?

Send us an email to, or make use of the contact form. We will set up a Skype call to talk about getting integrated into the community and possible contributions.

Contributions to the Open Source Hedge Fund project come in many forms:


  1. Trading strategies
  2. Backtesters
  3. Risk analytics (e.g. Monte Carlo simulations)
  4. Stock selection
  5. Predictive analytics (e.g. forecasters)
  6. Filters

Articles and Research Topics

  1. An investment strategy and logic (e.g. momentum investing, statistical arbitrage, value strategies)
  2. Market timing models
  3. Hedge fund marketing strategies
  4. Hedge fund best practices
  5. Predictive analytics

Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Templates

  1. Investment strategy presentations
  2. Hedge fund due diligence questioners
  3. Daily PNL reports
  4. Asset allocation reports
  5. Fund Fact sheets
  6. Word templates for letters and reports

Legal Documentation

  1. Fund mandates
  2. Disclosure documents
  3. Relevant jurisdiction considerations
  4. Tax considerations