Successful Algorithmic Trading


Successful Algorithmic Trading
By Michael Halls-Moore

Michael Halls-Moore or ‘Mike’ as he is affectionately known amongst his 500,000 or more blog readers, is something of a hero among would-be quantitive trading developers  – or ‘quants’ as most of you guys will refer to them. Whilst getting ready for a job interview early on in his

London-based career, Halls-Moore faced a bit of an information wall; finding little to no accessible information on the ins and outs of ‘quanting’ to furnish his prep with.

During the pre-interview process, Halls-Moore ended up with a bundle of notes and tidbits including anecdotal help from traders already safe and secure in their own jobs. That well-researched hotch potch along with some solid theoretical reading (and his degrees from several prestigious London universities) became the foundation for the ever-popular which has paved the way for many newbies all over the world.

Halls-Moore tells his fans he wants to help the “younger generation become employed”. So, does his venture from the blog to the book with Successful Algorithmic Trading make any contribution to this noble aspiration?

Well-respected by the financial community, Halls-Moore offers thorough and transparent help, with chapters such as What the Book does not Cover and an explanation as to his choice of system with the Why Python? section. The sixteen different sections of Successful Algorithmic Trading are, namely;

  • Introducing Algorithmic Trading
  • What Is Algorithmic Trading?
  • Trading Systems
  • Programming
  • Sourcing Strategy Ideas
  • Software Installation
  • Financial Data Storage
  • Processing Financial Data
  • Statistical Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Sources of Risk
  • Event-Driven Trading Engine Implementation
  • Trading Strategy Implementation
  • Strategy Optimisation.

Halls-Moore’s main sales hook is ensuring that readers enjoy profit rather than face even one more failed attempt and loss when trading. This of course speaks to most of Halls-Moore’s potential audience, however he goes deeper than the predictable and simple. ‘Mike’ has really put himself back into the mind of the would-be trader with sections which tell readers where to get free data as well as ‘data-accuracy evaluation’.

Halls-Moore also uses includes a lot of his own experiences to give readers an insight into the best way to practically apply the detailed theory; by offering up his own ‘trial and error’ accounts. Offering readers the choice to download a bonus version with software for $79 as opposed to the $39 e-book, with such confidence that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee which allows the unsatisfied to claim refunds. Halls-Moore also offers a sample chapter download which we won’t speak too much on least we give it away but we are allowed to say it is well-worth the clicks!

Our friend ‘Mike’ really offers a balanced picture to all readers (and downloaders) by spelling out the fact that there is no quick route to riches with the system or trading in general, rather a simplified system shared with those who have the wherewithal to implement and nurture it.

Review by Andrea Photiou

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