Bridging the Gap into Hedge Funds

By: Andreas Procopos In life there is a natural process of things. There is the famous circle of life, a system of predators and prey competing in the animal kingdom. We humans however prefer a different circle of life, a process that is competitive in more complicated ways. A general example of this process would […]

Creating an Open Source Hedge Fund Strategy

The Open Source Hedge Fund Project is a community driven project which aims to create the best quant trading systems and operational structures to run a fully functional hedge fund. With the twist that all the IP is open to the public. Contributors will receive full access to this collective and ever evolving “Hedge Fund in a Box”

The Hedge Fund in a Box is all the marketing, legal, business templates, daily operations, fund strategies, and due diligence documents needed to start a hedge fund. In essence it is a hedge fund template where contributors can fill in their names, company details, and then launch a hedge fund.

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